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I'm New Here

I'm New Hereā€¦and I've got questions." 

   Of course you do.  Let's see if I can provide some answers. Where would you like to start?

Where are you and where should I park when I get there?

   Our GPS friendly address is 777 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC 28805.  We are located right across the street from the Kia/Used Car Dealership. To the west, our parking lot is adjacent to Sun Trust Bank.  Arco Road is our eastern border.  You may enter our lower parking lot from Tunnel Road.  To enter our upper parking lot (nearer our office building) turn onto Arco Road and then make a turn to enter the parking lot.

Where should I go when I get there?

   On the west side (Sun Trust Bank side) you will find two entrances.  The first entrance is closer to the sanctuary where our morning worship services are held. Families with small children usually enter through the lower door which leads into our preschool and children area. 

   On the east side (Arco Road) we have a covered drive area for dropping off and picking up passengers.  This entrance leads directly to the sanctuary and you will also be near our church office building.

   At each entrance expect to be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable person who can direct you to where you want to be. 

What should I wear?

   Many of our members grew up in a time when you wore your "Sunday best" to church and they continue to do so today.  Others are more casual in their appearance.  The Bible teaches that God does not look on the outside; God looks on the heart.  God will not judge you for how you are dressed, and neither will we.  Wear what feels right to you and know that you will be welcome here.

My children don't do well away from me in unfamiliar settings. Do they have to go to the Nursery or Children's Church?

   While we do offer very fine Nursery and Children's Church programs for the nurture and benefit of children, we also welcome children in our sanctuary.  Jesus said, "Bring the children to me," and we want you to bring your children with you.

What's your service like?

   Our worship service is very traditional, complete with a fabulous organist, two wonderful accompanists, and an amazing choir.  Some might call us old fashioned; I prefer to think of us as familiar and comfortable.  Give us a try and decide for yourself.


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