Beverly Hills Baptist Church
Thursday, July 19, 2018
Reaching and nurturing our community with the Love of Christ and equipping believers for ministry.

Sunday School

Finding Your Family
Being a part of a Sunday School Class is more than finding a room to have Bible study. In these groups you will find people who care for each other, pray for each other, share with each other, and have fun and serve with each other. This small group can be your extended family within the larger church family.

The beauty of Sunday School is that the family is always looking for new members. People aren’t just born into this family: they are searched out and adopted! We reach out to our friends and neighbors and say, “Come and see what we have found! Come and join our family!” Look below to discover your family at Beverly Hills Baptist Church.


Greeters are at each door to help you find your way.
A Welcome Center is located in the main entrance corridor.
The Nursery, Preschool and Children’s Sunday School
are located on the ground floor.
Youth (Grades 6-12) gather in Room 303.
 Adult Classes are located on the second and third floors.
Join us each Sunday morning at
9:45 for Bible Study
10:55 for Worship.
We look forward to helping you find your place in the family of God 
that is Beverly Hills Baptist Church.

Adult Bible Study Classes

Young Adult Co-Ed, Room 311
This class, facilitated by Karen King is reaching out to young couples (and singles)
to make a difference in our church and community.
Lydia,  Room 205

Archie Pierce leads this class with her own special brand of love and humor. 
These women provide a bond for each other 
 ACTS (Adult Couples Together in Service), Fellowship Hall
This class, facilitated by Bud Dotson, is always working on some sort of ministry or fellowship project. 
Couples (and singles) with grown children (maybe grandchildren) and an interest in making friends
and making a difference in our community will be welcomed and will surely find a home here.
Barnabas, Room 202
Their name reflects the deep encouragement they give each other. 
Jack Benfield, Boyd Brasington, and Bruce Gasperson rotate teaching.
This is a large but close-knit class that enjoys getting together for fellowship.
Most have grandchildren, some are retired and all are active in the church and community.
Winsome, Room 204
 Ladies in this group will tell you how much they value their class!
They pursue a variety of interests, but are united in caring for each other and in reaching out to our community.
Jean Morgan  is very capable and a caring leader.
Carlton Smith Men, Room S-22 
Named to honor a former Member,
the men of this class are often helping others in “hands on” projects
meeting in the classroom across from the choir room. 
Bethany/Fidelis, Room 211

With Nell Thompson as their teacher, these faithful and loving women have served their church well over
the years and they still serve through prayer and ministry in times of need.
Bible Study For Children

Preschool Division classes meet downstairs in the education building. The office and nursery are on the west end of the hall. Classes are provided for Babies,  -  Threes, & Fours and Kindergarten/Fives. Our loving teachers provide a warm welcome and age-appropriate introduction to important ideas about God, the church, and caring for others.

Children’s Division classes meet in the wing beneath the fellowship hall. You may enter from the middle of the preschool hall, or down the stairs through the breezeway playroom. There are classes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Children are taught basic Bible stories and teachings by skilled and caring teachers.They learn to read, study and apply the Bible for themselves.

Bible Study For Youth
Youth have a Bible Study on Sunday Morning, beginning with an informal gathering time at Room 303.
At 10:00 students Middle School and Senior High include
fellowship and growth through God's word.