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Beverly Hills Baptist Church Ministries

The Hands of Christ in the heart of Western North Carolina

ReachingOur Reaching Team leads us to draw people into the church so that we may lead people to know Jesus.  This group promotes the work of BHBC throughout our community. The Reaching Team sponsors programs during the year that are interesting and uplifting as a way of introducing our church to East Asheville.

Nurturing: In times of sorrow, we have nurturing hearts to help us find comfort. In times of joy, we celebrate.  Our Nurturing Team is the encouraging arm of our church. Through prayer and fellowship this team helps us to grow closer to one another and closer to Jesus.

Serving: In the name of Jesus our Serving Team leads us to meet the spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of people. We partner with other churches and organizations; we work together as a church or through different organizations of the church; and we encourage individuals to serve others as we follow Jesus.

Equipping: Jesus has called us to be students who are learning from him. The Equipping Team helps us to grow through Bible Study and Mission studies for all ages. As we learn more about Jesus we discover more about who we can become through the power of God's love.

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